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intern in the Administration and Logistic area

1 Global JPPI S.L

- Billing, payment management, collection management, accounting…
- Manage the finances of the company
- Check and record invoices (for clients and suppliers)
- Verify and record bank transactions
- Manage calls and emails
- Logistical management
the internship will take place in Barcelona

- All trainees will have a tutor and will be supervised by the tutor.

- The internships have the following monthly support: 100€ (4h/day), 110€ (5h/day), 125€ (6h/day), 150€ (7h/day) and 175€ (8h/day). The total amount of the remuneration will be paid at the end of the internship (not monthly).

Our company 1 Global Translators, located in Barcelona, Spain, offers translation and interpretation services in all languages. We offer the opportunity to do an internship for a period of three months or more in the Project Coordination, Human Resources department, Administration department and Web Marketing department.