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Disaster Management Intern in Africa

Art in Tanzania

Art in Tanzania works with corporates and governmental institutions to tackle natural and artificial environmental disasters.

Disaster management is poorly known. The public in common is not receiving education about sister management issues. People and their properties are being affected by floods, earthquakes, landslides, diseases like malaria, cholera, hunger, poverty, desert, global warming due to climate change, and industrial incidents from poor health and safety at working place.

This program aims to educate and build Tanzanian people about resilience from the early stage to the last set of disaster management such as mitigation, preparedness, response, and prevention stage at schools and public in common with the help from the various governmental and non-governmental institutions.

Presently we work with various entities such as Twiga Cement industries, Coca-cola, Tanzania government, NBC Bank, PVC, AG-Energies Company Ltd. We are extending our program to work United Nations Organization.

This program has a cross-cutting focus where the students of different professionals can attend and work together.

Academic-level team leaders are daily supervising your internship. We monitor your work with a weekly plan and report a system to secure you proceed well in your study program.

The internship outcome is learning, using, and getting experience in developing conditions with limited capacitation. Also, to better understand the opportunities in a fast-growing economy.

Intern work in terms of international students, volunteers, and professionals. We encourage innovation in the program approach. Work hours are 6-8 hours per day, Monday through Friday.

The program is ongoing so that we can adjust your start dates.

Your placement is tailored to your background, experience, and interests to empower our daily work with the communities.

The program term is from 2 weeks up to 12 months.

The typical daily tasks include practical fieldwork, planning, reporting, and visibility tasks.

We provide 2x the local minimum wage of USD100 per month for paid internships payable when you stay a minimum of 4 weeks.

The start and end are flexible and can accommodate other travel arrangements in Tanzania. International flights, student permits, accommodation and meals are also personal costs.

You and your visiting friends can enjoy sustainable tourism, safaris, and local tour options at a low cost.

We need your tentative arrival and departure dates to book you in and open your account.

Participant's Reference

Contact us for more details at or SKYPE with us at infoartintanzania. You can always send a quick note to our Whatsapp at +255767777773.



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Art in Tanzania is a self-sustainable Tanzanian non-profit NGO with about 200 international interns in Tanzania in multiple professional work programs annually.

Art in Tanzania is an NGO established in 2001, registered as a Tanzanian NGO in 2007, and operating in Madale village in Dar es Salaam.

We have around 20 people on our staff, including 2-3 expatriates. In addition, we have 20 -50 international volunteers and interns in Tanzania year-round. Participants live in our compound while mainly working in the surrounding schools and areas.

Our focus includes education, social work, medical health, HIV/AIDS, sports, art, movie production, marketing, media, tourism, environmental and climate change programs, and corporate social responsibility tasks.

Art in Tanzania partners with the EU Commission cofounded the ERASMUS+ program to develop volunteer and internship training quality for EU countries.

Our community-based programs aim to empower local communities and individuals. Students immerse in the daily life of Tanzanian society.

Interns are working in teams of international students and sometimes volunteer professionals. We encourage innovation and creativity in the program's approach. Professional staff members tutor programs for each sector/field.

We are looking to expand our field of international volunteering and internships to empower community development workers in Tanzania. 

Contact us for more details at, or visit us at or SKYPE with us at infoartintanzania.??